Car Care Services

From our state-of-the-art tunnel washes to our professional detailing services, the Nashua Car wash has exactly the car care service you need. We have the exact car care service you need. 

Our Car Wash Services

Our Tunnel Wash
Come see what makes us shine above the rest. Our tunnel wash cleans your vehicle using 21st century technology including closed cell foam, soft cloth scrub and ultra-high pressure washing. You'll leave with a squeaky clean vehicle you can feel great about!
Our Self-Service Bays
With six self-service bays, you'll be on your way fast! All bays are equipped with high pressure self-service car washes. Of course, we offer a full line of amenities including Armor-All, glass cleaners, air fresheners and more. We are your one-stop shop!

Coupon books are available at $35 for 5 exterior
washes (a $40 value)
or $50 for 5 GOLD washes
(an $80 value)

Gift Certificates are available 
for all services.

Professional Vehicle and Fleet Detailing Services

The Express Combo
Includes both the Exterior Express and Interior  Express. 
Starting @ $80

Interior Express
Vehicle will receive an exterior carwash,  windows cleaned inside and out, interior vacuum, dashboard, console dusted off, and door jambs cleaned. Add $15 to clean and apply a low gloss shine to dash and console. 
Starting @ $35

Exterior Express
Vehicle will receive an exterior carwash and a wheel treatment. We apply a one-step cleaner wax by hand and then remove with microfiber towels to revitalize that new car shine. Outside windows are cleaned and door jambs are wiped clean. Tires are shined with a high quality
silicone sealer.
Starting @ $45

Pet Hair Removal
Includes a Custom Interior cleaning.
Starting @ $99

Carpet Shampoo
We provide a vacuuming of your car’s interior and carpets are shampooed.
Starting @ $45

Mat Cleaning
We will clean up to four mats. Additional mats are $2 each.
Starting @ $15

The S.P.A. Specially Pampered Auto
Includes both the Custom Exterior and  Custom Interior. 
Starting @ $139
(There is an extra charge for SUV’s, Pick-ups, Minivans and Full Size Vans.)

Custom Interior
We provide a thorough vacuuming of your car’s  interior, windows are washed inside and out. Carpets, mats and cloth seats are cleaned and shampooed. Leather seats are cleaned and a leather conditioner is applied. The dashboard and console are cleaned and a low gloss shine is applied. Door jambs are wiped clean. 
Starting @ $70

Custom Exterior
Vehicle’s surface is washed, leaving the paint clean, and ready for wax. We then apply our carnauba wax by hand then remove it with  microfiber towels to revitalize that new car shine. A special wheel solution is applied to rims, which helps to remove brake dust and dirt. Door jambs are cleaned and waxed, and tires are shine with a high quality silicone sealer. 
Starting @ $70

Clay Process
This process is to enhance the wax application. After the vehicle’s surface is washed a special cleaning clay is applied by hand which helps to remove stains, tar, road grime, bugs, rail dust and overspray. This process leaves the paint as clean as possible without any need for buffing.
Starting @ $45

Tree sap and tar removal is by estimate only. Stains, candy, and gum may not come out of upholstery or carpets.

Don’t forget Gift Certificates are available for  Detail Services and Exterior car washes.


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